Competition Bo Staff Training Video Released by John Bitting of Team Buki Yuushuu

Buki Yuushuu LLC – Manufacturer of Martial Arts Weapons, releases a new training video on its YouTube channel. The video was created by one of Team Buki Yuushuu’s members John Bitting. The video entitled “Bo Staff Training – Bo Staff Wind Up Technique Tournament Competition Tricking” can be found below.

When asked why the release of the training video Buki Yuushuu President, Manny DeCastro, responded: “We love doing it, the kids absolutely love them.” DeCastro added, “Let me clarify, John Bitting or JB as I call him has a following on our channel and the people that follow him love his videos.”

Mr. DeCastro continued, “JB is very gifted, but that comes with a price also. You don’t get that good by picking up the Bo for a couple hours a week. He practices and practices at least he used too. And why are the videos so well liked, he breaks it down in sections so anyone can understand, and the video is also done in slow motion for people to follow along.”

Mr. DeCastro also added, “Buki Yuushuu will be releasing more videos in the near future so stay tuned.”

John Bitting is a member of the Team Buki Yuushuu tournament team and trains at the Dragon MMA Academy. He is available for appearances, training and more. For more information, please contact Dragon MMA Academy or Buki Yuushuu LLC.

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