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About Buki Yuushuu LLC:

Buki Yuushuu proudly presents our Professional Martial Arts Weapons. We manufacture the best weapons in the industry including Nunchucks, Bo Staffs, Kali, Arnis, Escrima and Kamas.

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Manny DeCastro
Stonington, CT

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Competition Bo Staff Training Video Released by John Bitting of Team Buki Yuushuu

Buki Yuushuu LLC – Manufacturer of Martial Arts Weapons, releases a new training video on [...]

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New Spectrum Line of Bo Staffs, Kamas, Nunchaku, and Escrima Launches July 1st

In the making of a separate online page specifically just for the new Spectrum Series [...]

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Buki Yuushuu Sponsors Martial Arts Weapons Grand Champions At Summer Spectacular

Martial arts weapons manufacturer Buki Yuushuu will be attending the 12th Annual Summer Spectacular Martial [...]

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New Competition Bo Staff, Kamas, Nuchaku and Escrima Weapons Series Released

Buki Yuushuu LLC today announced the official launch date of its upcoming new design of [...]

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Action Martial Arts Magazine Relaunched

Buki Yuushuu LLC – Martial Arts Weapons Manufacturer, is proud to announce their collaboration with [...]

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Martial Arts Lightweight Competition Bo Staff Weapon Practice Training Launched on Ebay

While bringing a whole new professional quality weapon to eBay’s customers for a change of [...]

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3 Things To Expect When Tornado Bo Staff Launches for Sale In 2019

Buki Yuushuu LLC today announced the official launch date of its upcoming custom designed Bo [...]

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Buki Yuushuu LLC New Custom Weapons Design Website has Changed Martial Arts Industry

Earlier today, Buki Yuushuu LLC announced the launch of its new New Custom Weapons Design [...]

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